Your life, invigorated.

Find purpose, fulfillment and freedom. Together we will unlock your unique gifts and begin shaping a life rich with meaning.

Meditation by the Sea


Are you ready?

To find your self worth.

To access inner freedom, clarity and purpose.

To fall DEEPLY in love with yourself and your life.

If you are ready to embrace the light of who you truly are and begin to build a life rich with meaning, love and fulfillment, connect with me below.

I cannot wait to walk with you on your journey.

*I provide a free 20 minute consultation call so we can discuss what you are looking for, how my process works and to see if we are a good fit.*

My PASSION is deepening my connection to myself, others, and this earth in order to embody my gifts and help others to embody theirs. I thrive off of authentic connection, self exploration and adventure. I live my passion with presence, mindfulness and a deep sense of gratitude for the healing force this work can bring.

My MISSION is to help you discover what truly brings you ALIVE. To help you open yourself to the dark and the light within you in order to embrace your strengths, fall deeply in love with yourself and begin to live a life saturated with love, freedom and fulfillment. 

My VISION is to continue to help others reconnect with their light - their true selves and their innate gifts to bring healing to individuals and communities. I see this work as a ripple effect; When we each choose to live our lives with the courage and vulnerability required to own our individual gifts, we create positive change and inspiration for those immediately surrounding us. This effect continues to ripple out. Change induces change. My vision is to help spread the ripples of self love, fulfillment and purpose through helping YOU find yours. 

The only question left is - are you ready?


"I so enjoyed my time with Jess! She challenged me in a loving, accepting way that allowed me to look deeper into several patterns I’ve been struggling to change without ever feeling judged. I felt empowered and uplifted after each session with her. She’s a pro at holding space for the messy emotions, and guiding you through them to a place of clarity. No matter what your goal is, Jess will help you get there!"

Cayleigh Olson

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

"When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending"

Brene Brown




*I provide a free consultation call so we can discuss what you are looking for, how my process works and to see if we are a good fit.


Looking forward to connecting.