"Soft front,

Strong back

Wild heart"

- Brene Brown

Throughout my life, I suffered from feelings of shame, worthlessness and social anxiety. I felt the need to shift who I was in order to be accepted. I tried to fit myself into an external projection of what “happiness” was and the result was me always feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and running. I craved freedom constantly. It wasn't until I realized my own self worth and started loving myself and my life that I found the freedom I had constantly been searching for. It had been inside me the entire time.

To find this freedom, I dove into the messiness, the insecurity, the parts of myself I felt the need to hide. I shed light on them, held space for them and asked what it was I could learn from them. Uncovering and loving the shadows was a major step on my journey to self love.

I felt VIBRANTLY ALIVE. It was exhilarating. I realized I was 100% in control of my reality and began to live my life FULLY. I began to experience immense gratitude and fulfillment in my daily life. As I shifted my internal processes my external seemed to magically shift around me.

As I defined my values, boundaries and beliefs, I found my voice and discovered my purpose. To live in my freedom and help others find theirs. 


Does the idea of jumping into that messiness in order to live your most fulfilling life scare you? Yes? It scared me too. That is exactly why I chose to jump in. If there is fear, there is something to be explored. I am here to help you explore it.

My MISSION is to help you discover what truly brings you ALIVE. To help you open yourself to the dark and the light within you in order to embrace your strengths, fall DEEPLY in love with yourself and begin to live a life saturated with love, freedom and fulfillment.

The only question is, are you ready?