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Handling Life Together

Women's Coaching Group

Does this sound familiar?

  • Trying to figure life out in your twenties and feeling unsure and overwhelmed?

  •  Feeling anxious and stressed about your future?

  • Tired of trying to figure everything out alone in your spinning head?

  • Wishing you had some support and guidance to help you move forward?

 You are not ALONE 

Join HLT and receive the following

  •  Weekly group coaching from Jess and Susan to shift you from fear to the clarity of inner knowing.


  •  The experience of belonging to a safe, supportive group and not feeling so alone

  • Powerful questions, reflections and resources to get you unstuck


  •  Juicy conversations that tap you into your calm, wise centre.

Does this feel like a fit? Book a free call and let's find out!

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"Handling Life Together felt just like that. A space to connect with individuals during this most isolating time in our world, and feel utterly and lovingly held by them. Having a place to come to each week, spill and listen to one another’s struggles and joys brought back a feeling of continuous gratitude for this journey we are all on. It fostered a beautiful sense of solidarity and resilience to tackle life’s challenges made ever stronger with the knowledge that you are not alone. My feeling after our sessions was always one of hope, gratitude and love for the connections made within. We are stronger together. “ -E.C, Canada